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Spring 2013 Newsletter Partners

  I hope you enjoyed our 2013 Spring Newsletter. I would like to thank our partners for their help to make this newsletter possible.  Please visit their web sites to review their products and services.  Thanks!!

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Project Spotlight - Somerset Ridge Residence (2012)

                This Somerset Ridge residence had a typical “builder special” landscape that did not match my client’s tastes.  My clients we looking for a more attractive curb appeal, better circulation to the back yard,  additional patio area, shade, more usable lawn area, an outdoor kitchen with dining area and a fire pit with views of downtown Boise. Our Client (which was referred to us by Everything Outdoors) did not want to see multiple options for their yard; they were more interested in seeing in what I thought would look best.

back yard - before

Front/side yard - before (no access to the back yard)

Landscape Master Plan (2012)

Concept #1 – Key Points
·         Stone slab steps and path to provide access from the front door to the back yard.
·         Disappearing waterfall with stone slab bridge to add sound and interest by the front door.
·         New stairway from the existing deck to the new lower patio area.
·         Cantilevered and curved Ipe and steel shade structure
·         Outdoor Kitchen
·         Larger patio area
·         Larger usable lawn area with boulder walls
·         Gas fire pit with views of Downtown Boise
·         Irrigated meadow grass hillside to provide a firebreak from the existing native dryland grasses

Fly thru of our concept plan

The client loved the initial concept and we went on to our next step, construction documents.
·         Erosion and Sediment Control Plan – For the City of Boise Foothills Application
·         Grading and Drainage Plan – For the City of Boise Foothills Application
·         Materials Plan – to illustrate, note and detail all hardscape items like, pavers, paths, walls…..
·         Planting Plan – to illustrate all plant material proposed for the project

Now that all the drawings were done and approved by the City, it was time to start construction.  Andy Peterson with Level Construction was the General for the project while Anthony Jobe with Everything Outdoor was the landscape contractor.

The first step of construction was to construct an access ramp to the back yard. Access was defiantly challenging for this project. The next step was to demo the existing landscape.

access ramp

access ramp
The large Boulder walls (all under 4’ high) were then added to level the site and set our grades. The next step was then to add the new stairway, railing and cantilevered shade structure. The rest of the Hardscape items were then installed (outdoor Kitchen, raised planters, gas fire pit and pavers) with the plantings to follow.

Boulder wall with steps
New shade structure and deck stairs and railing
The frame work for the curved Ipe Shade Stucture
The very last step was to work out of the back yard and created the stone staircase, boulder steps with bridge and the disappearing waterfall by the front door.

As with all new installations, I recommend patience, as the beds will look rather open at first, but with time the plants will mature and the yard will grow up!  A special thanks to Level Construction and Everything Outdoors, for making this project looks so good!
waterfall and boulder steps and bridge to the back yard

path to the back yard and new deck steps
new level lawn area

cmu and boulder wall with plantings

new deck steps

curved Ipe shade structure

curved Ipe Shade Structure

Level lawn area



Paver path and bar area of outdoor kitchen

rock light



Friday, May 3, 2013



SPRING is here - The Daffodils and Tulips are up and plants are starting to wake up from their winter slumber. We have been very busy here at Breckon Land Design, here is a quick highlight of what we have been up to:
·         In March we were at the 2013 Boise Flower and Garden Show – it was so great to meet so many past clients and to meet some new ones!!  I would like to Thank Sterling Landscape for the help with my booth – they did a great job as usual!  Sterling also contacted me to design the main Theme garden called “Modern Oasis”    - I came up with 4 concepts and Sterling did the fabulous work of installing the garden!


Our Booth - thanks to Sterling!!

·         KTVB – News at Noon – For the last 7 months I have been appearing once a month during the News at noon segments to talk with Carolyn Holly about Landscape design. Our past topics have been about adding shade to the yard, water features, fall color, the front entry walk, landscape lighting and the side Yard.  My next segement will be on Friday May 31th, talking about summer plants. Check out our Facebook page for updates on future segments!!

In our Spring  Issue we are going to talk about two of my Favorite spring plants – for sunny spots, ‘Gold Flame Spirea’ and for shady spots ‘Bleeding Heart’!  In our project spot light we will review the Somerset Ridge Residence, which details an extensive landscape installation. In our Contractor Spotlight we will highlight a local landscape construction and maintenance company – Sterling Landscape!   I hope you sit back and enjoy the Spring issue of “Sense of Place”.