Friday, February 7, 2014

NEWSLETTER – Winter 2014

In The News

Winter is here in the Treasure Valley and I hope everyone was able to stay warm!!  We have been very busy here at Breckon Land Design with a couple of very exciting updates:

·         Best of Houzz 2014!! – For the Third straight year we have won the customer satisfaction award from Houzz!!!  Whoo Hoo!! Check out our Houzz profile here.

·         New Logo – with our growing Firm we all sat down to brainstorm on a new logo – check out the new look here!!

·         Animation Highlight – check out this video showcasing some of the project we have been working on this winter – The 2014 Breckon Land Design Winter Animation showcase.

·         Upcoming events -- 2014 Boise Flower and GardenShow – We will be at the show-- why not drop by and say hi!! The Show is going on March 21-23, 2014, I hope to see you there!!

In our Winter Issue we are going to talk about one of the more unique evergreen trees - The Weeping Giant Sequoia.  In our project spot light we will review the Harris Ranch Residence, which details an extensive back yard landscape remodel with a Modern flair. In our Contractor Spotlight we will highlight local landscape contractor, Sterling Landscape.  With the inversion, winter has been especially gloomy (unless you are a Seahawks fan – Whoo Hoo!! How about them Hawks!!), I hope you sit back and enjoy our Winter issue and dream of the upcoming spring.

Focus on plants - Weeping Giant Sequoia

        The Giant Weeping Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum 'Pendulum') is not for everyone – some clients call it “Cousin It” or “the Doctor Seuss Tree”, while other clients call is magical, whimsical, ghostly or fun. One thing for sure -- it is different!!  This tree tends to look quite symmetrical when young - but it changes drastically as it ages. This evergreen tree has a very distinctive shape, as no two trees are alike. The general size is approximately 25’ tall with an approximate width of 4’. The tree can develop “arms” with a length of up to 10’ in length.  

 This is a great tree for people who like to stand out and make a statement - if you like symmetry and order – run for the hills, this tree is not for you!! The soft, evergreen foliage adds to the interest of this truly unique tree. If you are looking for an evergreen tree for a sunny spot, that is just a little different, why not try the Giant Weeping Sequoia!!!

Project Spotlight - Harris Ranch Residence

                This Harris Ranch Residence had a typical “builder special” landscape that did not match my client’s tastes.  My clients was looking for a more modern/contemporary feel with better circulation, additional patio area, privacy from the neighbors, an outdoor kitchen, hot tub and year round color and interest. We initially came up with 2 concept plans for the yard. 

Landscape Master Plan (2013)
Concept #1 – Key Points
·         Porch swing
·         Columnar tree rows
·         Concrete seat walls
·         Rectangular concrete stepping stones
·         Outdoor kitchen
·         Raised deck (level with threshold)
·         Concrete patio
·         Outdoor dining room
·         Large shade structure
·         Custom, solid screen fence with translucent windows
·         Hot tub
·         Outdoor fireplace
·         Freestanding water feature
·         Bald Cypress tree grove
·         Sauna

Concept #2 – Key Points
·         Outdoor Kitchen with bar
·         Dining area
·         Rill water feature
·         Lush plantings including fern garden
·         Sunken hot tub
·         Gas fire pit
·         Outdoor living room
·         Annual color pots
·         Tree alley

Here is a slideshow going over the main elements of the two concepts.

After presenting the 2 concepts to our client, they gravitated towards concept #1 with a few modifications.  The final concept was designed and approved and we moved on to construction drawings.
·         Materials Plan – to illustrate, note and detail all hardscape items like, patios, paths, walls…..
·         Planting Plan – to illustrate all plant material proposed for the project

The client was referred to us by LCG landscape, so we passed on our drawing to Tom at LCG for an estimate. With the larger scope of elements, this project was going to have to be phased in. The first phase was going to handle the main concrete patio, shade structure, outdoor kitchen, Alumawood Shade structure, Hot tub and screen fence. The second phase (future phase) would consist of the outdoor fireplace, water feature and additional screen plantings.

As with all new installations, especially one that is going to be phased in, I recommend patience, as the beds will look rather open at first, but with time the plants will mature and the yard will grow up!  A special thanks to Tom with LCG landscape, for making this project looks so good!.... it hard to believe that there is another phase to this project!!!


Contractor Spotlight – Sterling Landscape


        Sterling landscape has been a Valley staple since 1972. From custom Sandstone walls, paver patios, water features, outdoor kitchen and fireplaces and much, much more, Sterling Landscape has installing my design for my clients for several years and have exceeded my clients expectations.

Most of my clients remember the Nursery and Garden Store Sterling operated for so many years off of Mitchell Street. Although the Nursery and Garden Store are now long gone, and the main operations have moved to Nampa, Sterling continues to put their clients and quality first.

Sterling can handle all aspects of landscape construction and maintenance, with 4 main divisions within the company (residential landscape construction, commercial landscape construction, landscape maintenance and the Personal Gardener Program).  From large Subdivisions and commercial developments, to private residences, Sterling can handle your project. If you need help installing, maintaining or enhancing your landscape, why not give Sterling Landscape a call today to see what they can do for you!!!