Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On-Line Landscape Design

Are you interested in a Landscape design, but you live outside the Boise, Idaho area? We offer On-Line/Long Distance Landscape Architectural services for our clients outside our local area. We have designed yards in the following locations: Baker City, Oregon; Sun Valley, Idaho; Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to just name a few.
We charge an hourly rate for our design services and offer many options for different budgets. Contact us today to discuss your options.
Here are the steps involved in our remote service:

A)  Contact us and we will send you a questionnaire to fill out and a site measurement information package.

B) Review our online portfolio and make comments of likes and dislikes.

C) After you fill out the questionnaire and review the site measurement package, send back the questionnaire and we will set up a time discuss the scope of the project, design options, fees and answer any questions or concerns.

D)  Send us a site plan with measurements of your house with site photos

E) We will draft up a set of concept plans and send them to you for your review and comment.

F)  We will adjust the plans as per your notes and finalize the drawings.

G)  We will send you your final drawings.

A typical set of drawings may include:


1)  A set of concept drawings that will define the character and essentials of the project. This phase is very important to communicate and combine all input from your program elements and our design criteria. These drawing(s) shall include the following steps:

 a) A minimum of three conceptual site plans will show the overall landscape and planting schematic and spatial layout of all the program elements, (driveway, seat walls, paths, patio, water feature, fire pit, main tree locations, etc...). The conceptual site plans will be in plan view (24x36). Specific plant varieties will not be done at this time but all main tree locations and screen/accent planter bed locations will be addressed.

b) A 3D SketchUp Model will be produced to show main screening areas, open view corridors, the relationship between outdoor rooms and horizontal and vertical plains in a 3D environment. Perspective views will be captured from SketchUp and inserted on the 24x36 conceptual site plans. A Flyby animation of each concept will also be provided.


2) After review and comments on the conceptual plans, one base map will be designed and BLDI will provide a complete set of construction documents. The final drawing(s) may include:

a) A detailed planting plan calling out each individual plant, with suggested planting size, planting details, and notes.

b) Plant care package (word document), which will have full color photos of each plant and will list the mature size, fall color, flower color, general planting, and care instructions. The plant care package also comes with a photo image of the front yard and or back yard.

c) A demolition plan that locates all existing hardscape (concrete, wood...) and softscape (plant material, grass…) items that shall be removed or protected.

d) A hardscape plan that designs, details, and locates all of the hardscape items (shade structures, water features, driveways, paths, small walls….) and other relevant appurtenances as directed by the owner’s program. Deliverables will be provided in plan drawing format with elevations/sections of key elements and construction details.

e) Full color cut sheets of specified materials with material options. Deliverables will be on full color 8.5x11 sheets.

f) An Irrigation plan that locates sprinkler head layout, lateral lines & zoning, valve placement, mainline and control wire routing, controller location, along with all necessary schedules and legends.

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