Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cool landscape/design related web site from around the world

Trying to stay up on the latest trends in plants, hardscape items and design elements, has kept me busy searching the Web. I will pass on a few of my favorite site to visit:

Plant site – Oregon State University Plant Catalog –- The department of Horticulture’s Plant images, identification and information site. This site has Lots of great pictures and info on mostly woody plants from around the Northwest.

Hardscape site – Eldorado Stone Outdoor Living Products – Light weight blocks to construct outdoor kitchens and fireplaces on top of an existing patio – you just have to add your stone, stucco, wood or any other finish to bring the space to life.

Design site – LandscapingNetwork – A great design site feature Residential Landscape Architects and designers from around the world. This site has a huge picture library with great topics and info for anyone interested in landscaping.

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