Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 Fall Newsletter

In The News - Fall 2013
A chill is in the air, football is in full swing and the smell of pumpkin pie is just around the corner!! That’s right, fall is here!!!! We have been very busy here at Breckon Land Design, so here is a quick highlight of some exciting new news:

·         Real-time 3D animations and stunning still renderings – we are very excited to announce that we have a new program that will bring residential and commercial projects to life. I just finished my first project with this new program – The Plexus Plaza redesign in Nampa.  I like the fact that reflections work, landscape lighting can show the different effects, and plant materials are more realistic and much, much more …. Check out this intro video!

In our fall Issue we are going to talk about one of my favorite small ornamental trees – the Coral Bark Japanese Maple.  In our project spot light we will review the Island Woods Residence, which details an extensive back yard installation. In our Contractor Spotlight we will highlight a local landscape Construction Company – Eagle Landscape!  I hope you sit back and enjoy the Fall issue of “Sense of Place”.


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