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Project Spotlight - Bridge Tower Residence

Project Spotlight: Bridge Tower Residence
Existing Conditions: Located in a neighborhood in Meridian, Idaho this design focusing on a backyard enhancement. The backyard had some existing landscaping - Nice mature trees, water feature (that did not work), lawn and a large concrete patio -- but it made no statement....
Conceptual Design: The design is created into 3-D format for ease of visualization for the client. The 3-D format really helps to describe the design and the form it will take, as well as the relationship to the existing house.
Here is the Animation for the project!

Design: To enhance the livability of this backyard, key elements were added to supplement the existing character and transform the large open space into several outdoor living spaces.

When our client was ready to bring the design to life, we contacted Lavon Webb, with Sterling Landscape.  Lavon and everyone at Sterling, did a spectacular job and our client was extremely happy with the end result!!  Here are a few photo during the construction process...

Getting ready for Demo day - you can see the future patio lines painted on the ground.

 The guys from Sterling working hard!!

Here is the lowest patio - the project is starting to take shape!


The turf area, which was a large component of the existing design, was made smaller to accommodate the construction of a multi-tiered patio area, each featuring distinct uses- - dining, water and fire. 

In the dining portion of the patio an additional shade structure is introduced.
 Under the shade structure an outdoor bar and small kitchen area are located. 

As you descend the stairs to the lower tier of the patio, you enter the fire pit area. This patio has a permanent fire pit centrally located, and surrounded by seat walls. This gives the opportunity for additional seating during a large gathering event.

The third patio section has a tiered water feature. The water feature ends at the ground floor of the patio.

The water feature attracts wildlife, by supplementing habitat and provides tranquil sound effects. At the edge of the patio the turf begins.

The turf area allows a sufficient space for the children to play while decreasing the amount of water use that is necessary.

The existing play structure stays in place and an in ground trampoline is introduced nearby.

New Concrete sports court with Basketball hoop

A special thanks to Sterling Landscape, for making this project look so good!!

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