Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Project Spotlight: Highlands Residence

Existing Conditions: Located in the Highlands in North Boise, this residence had a front yard that was heavily sloped. The top of the slope was mass planted with junipers. 

The southern portion of the slope is unusable turf that was difficult to maintain. The front lacks variety and interest and the existing plants leave lots of debris.

Conceptual Design and Design Development: The client is given 3 design concepts to begin the design development process.  Each concept is meant to explore the potential of the space.  This is done by proposing varying concepts, materials and placement of design elements.

Design Development:  The concepts are presented to the client and typically are re-worked to achieve a final concept that will become the finished design.

Final Concept

Upon the request of the client we can use 3-D modeling to give them a much clearer picture of what the design will actually look like upon completion:

The entry to the home is reconfigured with a meandering stairway that interrupts the steep slope.

Retaining walls introduce rock mulch planter beds with groundcovers, grasses and perennials, all which assist in color, winter interest, form and maintenance.

 A private space is developed through the stairway’s weaving form. 

A modern design is topped off with unique address lettering.

Once the final concept is completed we create construction documents that a landscape contractor will use to build and install the project.  Construction documents for this project consist of a Materials Plan and a Landscape Plan.



Concrete work


After: The linear form of the retaining wall mirrors the linear siding of the home.

 Groundcover is still being established, rock planter beds allow for a low maintenance front  yard. 

After the summer growing season the contrast between the modern hardscape and a lush softscape will beautifully compliment the house.

Large modern lettering allows for ease of finding the house, it also matches the modern form of the hardscape.

Plantings provide color, visual interest and soften the hardscape edges of this modern design.

A big thanks to Sterling Landscape for installing another great project!!

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