Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Focus on Plants - Spring Glory Forsythia

Nothing rings in spring like the forsythia. The bright yellow color on a rainy day seems to shout out at you that spring is here and there is no turning back!!

When you bring home your new baby forsythia from the nursery, please be careful where you plant it. It may look cute and small at first, but this prolific grower will take up a space of 10x10 if you are not careful! This is an awesome low maintenance plant if planted in the right place. The early spring bright yellow flower color cannot be beat; this is followed by nice green leaves that cover the plant in late spring thru fall. In winter the shrub seems to blend in with the landscape and bare branches give no hint to the spectacular flower show that will start again in the spring. Prune just after flowing to control growth.

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