Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yard Tips - Spring Maintenance

Spring is here and it is time to get the yard ready for a new year. This is when I cut back my ornamental grasses and shrubs (except for the spring blooming shrubs, prune them right after flowering). Most of the grasses, you can cut back to 3”-6” above grade. Most of your shrubs you just want to shape them. Please refer to your plant care package for individual plant requirements. If you do not have a plant care package, please feel free to contact us to go over the useful document. Spring is also a good time to double check that you have all the dead leaves and debris pick up from the yard and the base of your shrubs. For my clients who use bark mulch in their planter beds, this is a good time to freshen up the mulch. You do not have to add the full 3” depth like the first application; usually a 1” dusting is sufficient. Now go out there and conquer your yard!

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