Monday, June 21, 2010

Designers Toolbox


Did you ever wonder what a particular plant would look like in front of your house without buying the plant? With photo imaging it is possible to take a picture of your house with no landscaping and have a 2D photo done showing you all the plants before you get your shovel out! Photo imaging is awesome to show how different plants go together in a photo realistic environment, but it does have its limitations. Photo imaging is not ideal for designing complex hardscape items (multi-level patios, decks, shade structures….) because it is only a 2D software and hardscape items might tend to look artificial and out of scale. To design complex hardscape items I recommend using a true 3D software (see my Blog on SketchUp) to build the hardscape items, then export a 2D image and insert the plants on that image.

If you have an area in your yard and you want to see what it could look like before you grab a shovel, contact us to see what we can do you.

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