Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Designers Toolbox

Conceptual Plans

When designing a plan for a client it is always preferred to give the client some different options. Similar in concept to HGTV’s Designers Challenge, we will proved the client with 3-4 conceptual landscape plans that are totally different in look and the client will get to pick the one they like. When designing the concept plans we like to define two objectives; the location for the main elements (patio area, lawn area, outdoor kitchen….) and overall design style/feel. The concept plans will show main tree location and shrub bed massing, but we do not deal with specific plant names at this time. Typically a client will gravitate to one of the concepts, but bring in some elements from the other concepts to make it their own.

When designing concept plans we also like to provide the client with SketchUp models of the concepts so they can see in 3D what there yard could look like.

In this set of concept plans for a back yard in Boise we present the client 4 concept plans that dealt with different location and shapes of the main key elements. The main elements were decks, patios, water feature, shade structures, lawn areas, planter areas, raised bed gardens, greenhouse, chicken coop, compost area, potting bench and dog run. When doing the concepts we are able to play with the location, level and look of the yard.

These 4 plans were able to give the client multiple options to see what the best use of their yard would be. After reviewing the concepts, the clients preferred concept plan #1 but also brought in elements from the other concepts into a final plan. Contact us to see how we can provide you with multiple options for your yard.


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