Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hardscape? Oh that's Hardscape! - Fencing


Fence is one of the more dynamic yet seldom used elements in the landscape. Typically when a client thinks fencing, they just envision a dog-eared cedar fence around the back yard. Fencing can be a lot more interesting than that and the fence does not need to be only on the property line. Fencing can act as a solid screen, semi transparent screen or as an architectural element.

Accent fencing can frame views, add a sense of privacy to a sitting area or add architectural interest to the yard. Materials can be combined to add needed privacy yet keep key views open. In this particular project a solid wood fence was requested for privacy, yet they also wanted the view from the street into the back yard give people the sense of something cool around the corner. So we designed a solid fence with a wrought iron gate that gives the clients privacy but will also keep the front and back yard open to each other.

When creating a comfortable space you want to provide a sense of enclosure, but you do not want to screen all the views. In this project a new raised deck was designed and the client requested some privacy, but they didn’t want to lose their views. We designed a small screen fence that had quite an open feeling, yet gave the clients a sense of privacy. A curved metal frame supporting horizontally installed composite boards complete this accent screen fence on top of the deck. This not only acts a semi privacy screen, but it also adds interest to the yard. This design element then was picked up and used as a trellis for the front yard to tie the front and back yards together.

The materials and look of your screen/accent fence are almost endless; contact us to see how we can incorporate an accent fence in your yard today.


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