Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nursery Spotlight - Greenhurst Nursery

One of the more unique Nurseries in the Treasure Valley is Greenhurst Nursery in Nampa. We have been referring clients to each other since 2001, but they have been around since 1973 when LeRoy Blickenstaff and his son Mike set up shop. In 1981, Leroy retired and Mike and Marilyn Blickenstaff have been running the show ever since. Greenhurst has done an awesome job for my clients with their exceptional plant knowledge and customer service.
One of the main things that set Greenhurst Nursery apart from other nurseries is that they carry truly unique and hard to find plants. Almost every time I tour the nursery, I find something new and cool. Their selection of Japanese Maples and Viburnums has to be the most diverse in the Valley. Of course they have the Standard Bloodgood Japanese Maple and the Burkwood Viburunm, but they also carry the hard to find Coral Bark Japanese Maple and the Compact Koreanspice Viburnum. Just one walk around the nursery grounds will send your mind spinning with all the possibilities. The large selection of ornamental trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, herbs, native plants, bedding plant, fruit trees….(you get the idea) is hard to take in on just one visit.

If you think the plant selection is overwhelming at Greenhurst Nursery, wait until you walk thru the multiple rooms of their gift shop. They have a large selection of books, apparel, home accessories, jewelry, indoor plants, music….(once again you get the idea) that it will take more than just one trip to take everything in. But if you only go once to Greenhurst Nursery to visit the gift shop – it must be at Christmas time. Mike at the gang and Greenhurst do a phenomenal job of transforming the Gift Shop into a winter wonderland. The attention to detail and care is evident in every corner and it is hard not to get in the Christmas mood when strolling around the shop at Christmas time. But hey, now its spring and it’s a great time to check out the latest in gardening goodies to start out the season.

Greenhurst also has a great variety of Statuary, garden art, pottery, Gazing globes and sundials and other related products. If you like to landscape, you will love Greenhurst Nursery. I always enjoy finding something new during my nursery tours, why not take you own tour to Nampa and visit Greenhurst Nursery.

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