Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Spotlight - Talavera Residence

The main goal for this Southeast Boise project was to develop a large outdoor entertainment area that could accommodate large gatherings and also provide privacy for the back yard. This new construction project provided a blank slate, except for the front entry walk that was already installed. After walking the site with the clients and reviewing some pictures, long term goals were discussed and it was determined that the client would like to see 4 different options for their back yard.

Concept #1 – Key Points

• Add Evergreen, flowering and shade trees to the front of the house to add a forest type feeling and to give the house a more enclosed/secluded feeling.

• Large landing off the back door with an area for grilling

• Multi-level patio with small sunken area

• Landscape wall , path and heavy plantings to screen the back yard to the neighbor to the south

Concept #2 – Key Points

• Add Street trees to fit in with the neighborhood, but keep views to residence open/don’t screen res

• Add screen plants to hide the utilities up front

• Add foundation plants around the residence to soften the appearance of the house

• Large curved raised landing off the back door with multi-level patio with a sunken room

• 24” tall seat wall with screen plantings along the back fence for privacy

Concept #3 – Key Points

• Xeriscape design with minimal grass areas (grass only in the back yard).

• Intermediated shade trees by the front door to frame the entry with evergreen trees to the north and South to frame the residence.

• Four level/multiple room back yard patio with natural stone steps and basalt outcroppings

• Heavy screen planters to screen the neighbors to the South and East

Concept #4 – Key Points

• Offset trees by the front door to add shade and frame the entry, but not in a formal way

• Minimal planting for low maintenance

• Large patio area with multiple seatwalls and sunken fire pit patio

After presenting the 4 concepts to our client, they gravitated to concept #2, but they also like elements from the other concepts. The final base design consisted of the front yard bed layout of concept #2 , with the forest type grove of trees from concept # 1. The back yard consisted of the main landing from concept #1, with the sunken patio from Concept #2 and the heavy screening of the southern neighbor from Concept #1.

We revised the plan to reflect these changes and then we started our construction documents.

• Materials Plan – to illustrate, note and detail all hardscape items like, paver patio, steps, walls, landscape lighting and boulder location.

• Planting Plan – to illustrate all plant material proposed for the project

Now that all the drawing were done, it was time solicit bids form landscape contractors. The home owner received bids from six contractors: Sterling Landscape, Lawn Co., Dick Korn Landscape, Forever Green, Gig Creek Landscape and McKenzie landscape. The how owner liked all the bids and it was close but they choose to go with Dick Korn because of the previous work that they did for them.

The first line of business was to rough grade the site and install sleeves for the irrigation and landscape lighting. Footings were then poured for the walls and CMU and added to give the wall height. Cultured stone to match the residence was used to tie the project together. The steps were then installed and the pavers finished the main hardscape elements of the project.

Landscape boulders were brought in and the irrigation lines were then stubbed out. The site was then fine graded and plant material was added. Weed fabric, rock mulch, edging and sod finished off the project. This project stated construction in October and was finished in December; I can’t wait for the plant material to mature and to watch their landscape develop over time.

Here is a sneak peek at some before pictures of the project we will highlight in our summer issue …..

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