Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Designing Trends - Privacy for Outdoor rooms

One of the most common issues that clients face is adding privacy to their backyard. There are almost countless ways that privacy can be designed into the yard. We will actually design several different styles of screens in the 3D program called SketchUp to illustrate the different methods. It is interesting to see the effect and feeling they have on the atmosphere of the space and how successful they are at screening. We will show a typical patio with screening issues, then show you several different, creative ways that privacy can be added (rather than just adding an Arborvitae hedge). Here are just a couple of different screening ideas that we will look at:

• Accent fence with plants

• Raised planters with plants

• Temporary/freestanding screens

Accent Fence

An accent screen fence can add architectural interest to your screening needs and add contrast to the sounding screen plants. The accent screen fence is not meant to be solid; it is designed to act hand in hand with plants to provide the screening. The accent screen fence is not located on the property line, so it is typically not restricted to height (check with planning and zoning before construction). Here are just a few examples of how an accent screen fence could add privacy to your back yard.

Raised Planters

A raised planter will add instant height to your plants as well as add possible seating areas and year round interest. The raised plants can be designed to match/flow with the residence and be built with several different materials. The materials can include, manufactured concrete block, CMU wall with cultured stone, natural stone, Cor-ten steel, short basalt columns….. The combinations are almost endless. Here are just a few examples of how a raised planter could add privacy to your back yard.

Temporary/freestanding screens

If space and budget are of a concern, one of the quickest and inexpensive ways to add privacy is to add a freestanding/temporary screen. A freestanding screen can be bought from several on-line stores or can custom built from scratch. Here are just a few Web Sites that have ideas fro freestanding screens ; Latice Stix, Every Room Divider and Room Divider Store, just to name a few.

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