Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Focus On Plants - Autumn Blaze Maple

Focus on Plants

Autumn Blaze Maple

One of my all time favorite trees for fall color is the Autumn Blaze Maple. This is a great tree for the treasure Valley area because it is a cross between the Silver Maple and the Red Maple. So what does that really mean? Well what it means is, it can take drought and our alkaline soils like the Silver Maple but also has the silver bark and brilliant orange/red fall color of the Red maple. The tree starts out first part of spring with small red flowers on bare branches – but I would not consider the flowers showy. Clean crisp Green leaves follows the flowers and add nice shade to an area. In Fall time, the Autumn Blaze maple really begins to pop! An explosion of bright red to orange red leaves will add dramatic color and will play of the grey colored bark. The approximate mature size of the Autumn Blaze Maple is 50’ high x 40’ wide. If you would like to add a shade tree to your yard, why not try the Autumn Blaze Maple?

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