Thursday, February 16, 2012

Focus on Plants - Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Weeping Alaskan Cedar
One of my favorite Specimen evergreen trees has to be the Weeping Alaskan Cedar. This graceful tree has a slow growth rate and a smaller mature size that fill well into most city lots (the mature size for the weeping Alaskan Cedar is approximately 35’ tall x 10’ wide). The Tree adds a costal feeling to the yard and has a more lush feeling than a Colorado blue spruce or an Austrian Pine. Although it is called a Weeping Alaskan Cedar, the Tree has a fairly symmetrical, upright growth habit, with the tips of the tree add a graceful weeping effect. This tree, does not like to be exposed to harsh winter winds, so it is best in a more protected area (like by the front door or tucked into a corner of your yard). If you would like to add an interesting and different accent tree, why not try the Weeping Alaskan Cedar!

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