Thursday, July 12, 2012

Focus on plants - Chateau Merlot Shrub Rose

Chateau Merlot Shrub Rose

One of my favorite shrub roses has to be the Chateau Merlot Shrub Rose. This is a color plant for the background of your planter bed. The double red flowers add lots of color during the summer, while the orange tinted rose hips add interest in the winter months. This rose also has great from, which will grown to a mature size of 2’ high by 3’ wide and will have a natural/informal globe shape without the long arching canes that can take over (like the flower carpet roses). The rose can grow in full sum to part shade, in fact I have 2 in my front yard under a River Birch that are lucky to get 2 hours of full sun! As with rose, placement will be key (because of the thorns) – ideally in the middle to back of a flower bed and not close to paths or play areas like pools – beach balls and thorns do not mix!! If you are looking to add lot of summer color without a lot of work, why not try the Chateau Merlot Shrub Rose!

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