Monday, January 28, 2013

Focus on plants - Hoopsi Blue Spruce

 Focus on plants

                                Hoopsi Blue Spruce
                One of the best evergreen trees for a typical sized yard is the Hoopsi blue spruce. First off, it is by far the brightest blue of all the spruces, so it will add a lot of color and interest to the yard. Secondly, the Hoopsi blue spruce is a grafted spruce, and will be a fraction of the size of a standard Colorado blue spruce.

The tree will get large, with an approximate mature size of 30’ tall by 12’ wide, but compared to the size of a Colorado spruce (50’+ high by 20’+ wide) it stays quite compact.  If you have the space and would like to add an evergreen tree with great blue coloring, why not try the Hoopsi Blue Spruce!!
Hoopsi Blue Spruce - The brightest Blue of all the spruces!!


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