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Project Spotlight - Two Rivers Residence

Project Spotlight -- Two Rivers Residence

                This Two Rivers Residence had a typical “builder special” landscape that did not match my client’s tastes.  My clients we looking for a more attractive curb appeal, better circulation,  more additional patio area, privacy from the neighbors, year round color and an area for gardening. We initially came up with 4 concept plans for the yard.
Front Yard - Before

Back Yard - Before

Landscape Master Plan (2011)

Concept #1 – Key Points

·         The existing  entry walk was removed and a new paver walk connects the front door to the street
·         Small front yard waterfall
·         Small entry patio
·         Large, multi-level back yard patio
·         Landscape walls with plantings to screen out neighbors
·         Open view to existing lake
·         Flagstone paths from back yard to side yards
·         Raised beds garden area

Concept #1 - Video

Concept #2 – Key Points

·         Existing entry walk is removed and a new larger entry courtyard with pavers, cmu wall and wrought iron accents act as the main focal point for the front yard.
·         A small lattice structure is attached to the roof to add additional shade to the back patio
·         landscape wall and plantings to add privacy from the neighbor to the south
·         A private sitting area by the existing lake
·         Small garden area
Concept #2 - video

Concept #3 – Key Points

·         The existing walk is removed and new paver entry walk adds a connection to the street
·         A curved CMU wall (stone to match residence) with lush plantings act as the foundation to the front yard
·         No turf back yard
·         Large shade structure to ad shade to the back yard
·         Large multi-level flagstone patio with CMU walls (stone to match residence) and heavy plantings adds a woodsy and secluded feeling to this back yard
·         A large waterfall and disappearing stream adds to the woodsy feeling
·         Small garden area

Concept #3 - video

Concept #4 – Key Points

·         Remove existing front walk and add new paver entry walk
·         Island planter to break up the sea of lawn
·         Expanded paver patio
·         Multi-level deck with outdoor fireplace
Concept #4 - video
After presenting the 4 concepts to our client, they gravitated towards concept #1, but they also like elements from the other concepts.  The final concept was designed and approved

Final Concept– Key Points
·         Basalite paver entry walk and back yard multi-level patios and bullnose pavers for all steps
·         paths along both side yards
·         Basalite Landscape walls with heavy plantings to add privacy from the neighbor
·         Raised bed garden area
·         Lush plantings for year round color

The client loved the final concept and we went on to our next step, construction documents.
·         Materials Plan – to illustrate, note and detail all hardscape items like, pavers, paths, walls…..
·         Planting Plan – to illustrate all plant material proposed for the project

Now that all the drawings were done, it was time to get bids from Howard landscape and Sterling Landscape. After reviewing the bid packages, the client decided to go with Sterling Landscape.
The first step of construction was to demo the hardscape items (existing concrete walk and landing landing) and softscape items (existing grass and plants that were to be removed). Once the site was clear it was time to start construction.
start of site demo
The site was then prepped for pavers, steps and all other hardscape items.  The paver and wall were then installed (Basalite pavers and wall units, plus bullnose pavers for all the steps). Once most of the hardscape was installed, additional top soil was then brought in and berms were roughed in.  Boulders were then installed. Once all the hardscape items were in, the new irrigation system was trenched in.
Base prep for the new paver walk and steps
time for boulders to be placed and dug in.. top soil still needs to be added to give the boulders a more "buried" look
With the majority of the hard work competed it was time to spray out the bed lines and place the plants. Once the plants were adjusted and planted, soil aid mulch was applied to the beds and fresh sod was installed.
the plants have been placed and the bed lines are sprayed out
New sod and multi-level patio
New raised garden beds with Drip
New entry walk and steps
Flagstone stepping stone path
As with all new installations, I recommend patience, as the beds will look rather open at first, but with time the plants will mature and the yard will grow up!  A special thanks to Sterling Landscape, for making this project looks so good!
Salvia in bloom next to a boulder
New entry walk
Mass of Vinca Minor
Bull nose steps with new rock light
Lower patio with view of the pond
Lower patio
Back paver patio
Basalite bullnose paver steps and wall

Back patio
Golden Zebra Coral Bells
Coral Bark Japanese Maple
Design By:
Installed by
                Here is a sneak peek at the project we will highlight in our Spring issue …..

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