Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Focus on plants - Bergenia Bressingham Ruby - Spring 2015

Bergenia Bressingham Ruby

Botanical Name: Bergenia coridfolia 'Bressingham Ruby'
Flowers: Early- Mid Spring. Red rose in color.
Leaves: Green turning maroon in autumn.
Sun: sun or shade.
Water: Average.
Size: 14" in height,18" in spread.
Attracts: Butterflies, bees and birds.
Tolerant of: Salt, dry climate and shade.
Resistant to: Deer and rabbits.

The Bergenia Bressingham Ruby is a perennial with outstanding foliage color in the fall and winter.  It is a textural plant with leather waxed leaves that are spoon shaped and feature serrated edges. It is often referred to as pipsqueak due to the sound the plant makes when the leaves are rubbed together, or elephant ears dues to the shape of its leaves.

The cultivar Bergenia Bressingham Ruby’s foliage transforms to a dark maroon shade in the fall and carries its leaves through winter. In early to mid-spring the Bressingham Ruby features a large red flower that contrasts and clusters above the foliage. In the winter the maroon foliage is the perfect addition to holiday flower arrangements and in summer the flowers dry and preserve very beautifully.

Use the Bergenia Bressingham Ruby as edging along pathways and walks. Plant it in masses for groupings of color in both spring and winter. It partners well with the Black Mondo Grass or Red Doiser Dogwood which help to highlight its unique texture and ornamental winter color.

The Bergenia Bressingham Ruby is easy to care for, thriving in both sunny and shady conditions with average water use. The plant’s average size is 14 inches in height, spreading up to 18 inches. The plant will attract butterflies, bees and birds into your garden, but is resistant to both deer and rabbits. It is tolerant of salt and dry climates, a perfect addition to your garden her in the Treasure Valley!

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