Friday, March 6, 2015

Project Spotlight - foothills Residence

Existing Conditions: Located in the Foothills of Boise, Idaho, this property suffered from unusable space. The back yard consisted of a narrow turf area with a rock retaining wall that held the steep backyard. The extreme slope was covered in brown, dry grasses with scattered sage plantings.
Conceptual Design: The design concept introduced to this project aims to address the unusable space of the steep backyard. The concept has a strong rectilinear form that allows for  multi level outdoor rooms. Stairs are used to brace the elevation change and lead to a terraced patio that is built into the foothills.
Annual color pots were designed in to introduce color - all pots are to be connected to a drip system.
We designed this project and we contacted Aaron with Boden Haus Landscape to install this project.
 The old deck was removed and excavation started for the patio built into the hillside.
Materials are brought on site and the construction of the wall begins.
Progress is made and the first terrace and stairs are implemented.
A view looking down onto the construction progress and tool storage.
 Construction is beginning to wrap up.
  The hardscape in the backyard is completed.
 The side stairs are added.
 The terraced patio is completed and the plant installation begins.
Design: To transform this backyard into usable and livable space the backyard is terraced. The tiered design allows for three deck spaces, divided by stairs. The narrow backyard, which was once lined with large bushes, is designed to allow for a curvilinear stepping stone path that weaves through the grass to the side yard.
The terraces are framed by retaining walls and colorful native plantings. 
With the addition of a sofa and lounge chairs, these spaces become an outdoor living room.
The potted plants add an architectural element that aids in further defining the space.
The materials used in this design are concrete pavers, Timbertech composite decking, Sandstone Slab steps, and Belgard pavers for the patio area and Belgard wall system for the retaining walls.
The design helps to reclaim a portion of the backyard and transform it into usable space, while maintaining the remaining portion of the yard to be preserved and with the native sage and dry grasses.
The design is relatively low maintenance, yet is charming, highly designed yet seeming natural.
A special thanks to Aaron with Boden Haus Landscape for making this project such a success!

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