Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Boise North End Residence

BEFORE: Existing Deck Area
This project in Boise’s North End involved the renovation of an existing rear yard into an outdoor room that would serve as an extended living space. The clients, Bronco fans with professional ties to BSU, wanted to create an area where they could entertain friends while watching football games right in their own backyard.

AFTER: Expanded Stone Patio with Outdoor Kitchen/Living Area
The plan called for a large patio area, an overhead structure to provide filtered shade, and a custom fire pit. Specialty furnishings included outdoor couches, a secure weatherproof cabinet for storage of the large flat screen TV, and an outdoor grill with kitchen components. A two-person hot tub shaped to fit into a corner helped maximize space.

Wood structure to provide filter shade over game viewing area
The master plan focused primarily on hardscape patio areas for dining and entertainment. Plant materials were concentrated in raised planting beds whose wall heights had been elevated to better function as informal seating. Materials included natural stone and concrete pavers, and also a stucco finish on the planter walls to tie into the existing house.

BEFORE: Existing Planters in Side Yard

AFTER: Raised Planting Beds in Side Yard; New Concrete Pavers

Fire pit with Bronco colors!
Stone and concrete paver interface with water feature

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