Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Plant Feature: Columnar Eastern White Pine

Physical Description
Botanical Name: Pinus strobus ‘Fastigiata’
Foliage: Gray-green
Flower: Does not flower.
Sun: Full sun
Water: Water regularly, especially when topsoil is dry
Size: 25’-40’ tall and 10’ wide
Zone: 3-9

General Information

The Columnar Eastern White Pine is a narrow evergreen that has characteristic gray-green, silky smooth foliage. The needles are approximately 2”-4” long and appear in clusters of 5. Cones hang vertically from the branches and are 6”-12” in length. The evergreen foliage provides year round interest and does great as a specimen planting. Additionally, it works well as a barrier, hedge and privacy screen.

Care | Propagation | Pests
This fast growing, easy-to-maintain evergreen attracts birds and is resistant to deer. However, this white pine has difficulty with white pine weevils, which tend to lay eggs within the tree and cause permanent damage to the tree's structure. Other types of pests include bark beetles, sawfly larvae and pine needle miner larvae. Similarly, it does not tolerate heavy pollution, specifically that common to urban areas. Ideal conditions consist of moderate water application and acidic soil.

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