Friday, April 8, 2016

April is World Landscape Architecture Month

Governor Otter proclaimed April Idaho Landscape Architecture Month 2016 in conjunction with The American Society of Landscape Architect's (ASLA) World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM).

April is a great month to educate children, young adults, and even teachers about landscape architecture and how landscape architects artfully design their world because of the natural tie-in to Arbor Day (April 29, 2016). This Arbor Day, and the whole month of April, we are encouraging people to plant and care for trees, realizing how much trees and green spaces contribute to our everyday lives.

According to a press release from the Idaho Montana Chapter of the Society of Landscape Architects, "Working with landscape architects, communities can promote health and well-being by encouraging the development of environments that offer rich social, economic, and environmental benefits. Healthy, livable communities improve the welfare and well-being of people by expanding the range of affordable transportation, employment, and housing choices through "Live, Work, Play" developments; incorporating physical activity into components of daily life; preserving and enhancing valuable natural resources; providing access to affordable, nutritious, and locally produced foods distributed for less cost; and creating a unique sense of community and place."

Do you have a favorite space that was designed by a Landscape Architect? Tell us about it in the comments.

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