Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vendor Spotlight: Belgard

Belgard is a company that strives to make the best products for your outdoor hardscapes. Since 1995, their locally made and nationally backed products have transformed thousands of residential and commercial properties across North America.

Belgard's outdoor porcelain pavers have the same benefits as regular porcelain - frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable and easy to clean - combined with incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2,000 pounds) creates the perfect solution for gardens, terraces and high traffic outdoor areas. Outdoor porcelain pavers can be dry laid onto grass, gravel, dirt and sand - or onto terraces and roofs using raised supports - without grout, adhesives or specialized workers, making installation incredibly easy.

With a variety of products like pavers, walls, edgers, steps and more, Belgard helps you take the next step in your Outdoor Living Journey.

Belgard pavers installed in a Breckon design in 2013
Close up of Belgard pavers
Belgard pavers installed in a Breckon design in 2015
Belgard pavers from an installation in 2013

Find out more about all of their products online: www.belgard.com.

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