Thursday, December 10, 2009

Focus On Plants - Weeping Cedar Of Lebanon

Cedrus libani 'Pendula'' or Weeping Cedar of Lebanon. This is a very interesting tree, and as it maturates it can look quite different from the tree you planted. This particular tree does not put out many horizontal limbs in the tree field or Nursery environment. As you can see by the photos, it has an extremely columnar form.

When first planted, this skinny tree might look out of place, but do not worry. In its second year, the amount of light colored new growth will surprise you. By its third year in the ground the arching arms will gracefully reach out and cascade down towards the tip. This tree is not the best screen tree because it is not symmetrical and is not full as compared to Colorado Spruce, but if you plant a grove of them, within 3-4 years the arms will grow together and you will have a nice screen.

I have noticed a few of these trees in the valley have had their leaders die during very cold winters. If this happens, you will need to stake a new branch to become the leader as it will not develop a new leader on its own. Instead of being an upright and fairly open tree, without the leader this tree turns into a true weeper and eventually becomes a denser form. If you like the weeping form, then just leave it alone, but if you want an upright open tree, you will have to train a new leader.
This is a tree that more people should try. It has nice light colored new growth in the spring and summer and also has a softer texture than the spruces and pines.

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