Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hardscape? Oh that's Hardscape! - Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are one of the ways to expand your outdoor living space and add character and warmth at the same time. Pavers come in many different styles and colors, from the large 2x2 slabs that resemble cut slate to the smaller tumbled pavers that resemble European cobble stones. Whether you have a formal setting or a more casual setting, pavers can give the outdoor room that finishing touch.

The two main advantages pavers have over poured concrete are flexibility and permeability. If the ground moves under a concrete slab it will crack. You have two options, leave it alone or get a jack hammer and start again. With Pavers, if the ground moves, you can take out a small section, repair it and put the pavers back in place. Concrete pavers can also be permeable, and reduce your storm water runoff and drainage/puddling issues that can occur with concrete.

While concrete pavers have a higher upfront installation cost than plain concrete, they are usually comparable to stamped and colored concrete. Pavers can't be beat for the rich texture and color they provide. A raised edge can also be added (using pavers or natural stone) to define the area and to keep bark mulch off the paving surface.
If you want to expand your outdoor living area and you want to add warmth and character to your outdoor room, contact us about the many paver options available to you.

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