Friday, October 19, 2012

Focus on plants - River Birch

                One of the great deciduous trees that bring a woodsy feeling into the yard is the River Birch. Typically sold in a clump form, the River Birch has great exfoliating bark with color hues of brown, cream, tan and pink. This tree will gain more character as it ages.  This one of the few Birches that is Bore restraint and thus the only Birch I recommend for here in the Valley.  The green leaves will take on a great yellow color in the fall time and the upright spreading shade will add shade and an overhead canopy to the yard. The mature size of the River Birch is approximately 40x35 and is a great addition to the residential landscape.
River Birch Bark
River Birch - Early Spring
River Birch - Early Fall

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