Friday, October 19, 2012

Product Spotlight – Forever Lawn

Do you have a shady yard and are having trouble growing grass?    Are you tired of mowing, watering, and spaying your lawn?   Would you like to sit back and live your life vs. taking care of your lawn? If so, there is a product out there for you - It is called Forever lawn. We are not talking Astro-Turf here; Forever Lawn is a high quality, low maintenance lawn replacement solution.    
Forever Lawn Offers 5 different t styles of Synthetic Lawns for the residential Home buyer. Forever Lawn can be installed in areas were irrigation and maintenance would be an issue for traditional lawn. Forever lawn can be used to visually breakup driveways, patios and entry walks without the worry of the grass dying from compaction and heat issues. 
                Synthetic lawns have come a long way from the Asto-Turf days – why not contact Bill at Forever lawn ( to see how you can get a low maintenance lawn today!

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